Trent University / Functional Space Program and Concept Design for New Student Centre

Trent University is developing a new Student Centre on the Symons Campus. This student led initiative is a response to growing pressure from students for more general use space on the campus. Architecture Counsel, working with Educational Consulting Services, conducted in-depth stakeholder meetings and assessed a wide range of activities and services to be considered possible elements in a successful student centre. The scope of work included the development of a functional space program, conceptual site selection and design, as well as budget pricing.

Understanding that a campus is a place where students learn anywhere and anytime, recommendations were developed in recognition of the role that non-formal learning, co-curricular, and social activities can play in the life of an institution. The new Student Centre will support student-sponsored activities and clubs, informal and formal social interaction, student wellness services, teaching and performances, and food and retail services.

Location:  Petersborough, Ontario