Stillbrook Affordable Housing / County of Oxford New Seniors’ Residence Passivehaus Building

Stillbrook is a not-for-profit, charitable organization aimed at solving the need for affordable, supportive seniors’ housing in Canada.  Affordability is achieved through efficient use of carefully selected materials and a space allocation emphasis on collective social spaces, while keeping private room areas modest and cozy.  This emphasis on social spaces supports the creation of engaged communities and aging in place.  Affordability is further achieved through a supportive and repeatable operational model that works well with scale.  

Stillbrook Oxford County is the first of its type.  Designed to Passive House standards, the project engages the use of prefabricated concrete panels; each of which are placed and modeled using local masonry buildings as a design springboard.  Conceptually this is meant to create a unique building façade, using a sparing amount of warm materials to signify both a domestic feel as well as the diversity of the people that live within the building’s walls.  Further design elements that support this warm feel are wooden soffits under sheltering awnings as well as an emphasis on walkable, well-planted grounds. 

Location:  Woodstock, Ontario
Estimated Completion:  Fall 2020
Project Size:  11,200 m2
Estimated Cost:  $32,000,000