Fanshawe College / Fanshawe Innovation Village (FIV)

"Fanshawe is creating a new kind of community – where the creativity of students and the wisdom of educators converge to advance innovation. A place to disrupt the norm, push boundaries, collaborate and create. Where passion is welcomed and supported – to realize potential, solve real problems and grow our economies, here and across Canada.”
— From FIV briefing note, Fanshawe College

Architecture Counsel was engaged to work with Fanshawe to explore design opportunities that would align their new innovation focused mandate with their facilities.  This included creating disciplined concept designs in coordination with structural engineering and quantity surveying (costing) sub-consultants.  The result proposed a number of exciting, technology enriched, convertible spaces.  Design concepts were focused on developing a new centre of gravity for the Fanshawe's main campus and introducing a suite of student and industry friendly spaces under the umbrella theme of innovation and creativity.  

The result was a design that was budgeted in the $50 million range that would take place over three phases over a three year period.  Based on this work, the Fanshawe Board of Governors approved moving the project to the next round of funding approvals.  

Location:  London, Ontario