Durham College, Trent University and UOIT / Centre for Integrated Health and Community Studies

Health education is evolving to create integrated teaching and learning environments aimed at promoting interdisciplinary and collegial approaches to practice. Recognizing this fact, Trent University, UOIT, and Durham College have come together to plan for a Centre for Integrated Health and Community Studies. This facility will be aimed at better preparing professionals to enter complex, diverse, and increasingly collaborative, patient-centred models of practice. The Centre for Integrated Health and Community Studies will offer a number of teaching, social, student-oriented, and clinic spaces that will serve as a catalyst to further encourage evolving professional identities, enhance student life, and provide settings to engage the public, alumni, and prospective students. An emphasis will be placed on the interactions between students and faculty through a variety of spaces, fostering transparency, public events and assembly venues, informal lounges, and touch-down spaces to encourage user and visitor interaction.

Location:  Oshawa, Ontario
Project Size:  60,000 m2
Estimated Construction Cost:  $260,000,000