Conestoga College / Welcome Centre Addition and Interior Renovation

Recognizing that prospective students and their parents form an impression of a school within the first 10 to 15 minutes of their arrival, Conestoga College sought to create a new Welcome Centre that would foster community and leave a nurturing impression. As such, the mandate for this new Welcome Centre was to align the college’s intended strategic messaging and service delivery model with the flow, look, and feel of a new Welcome Centre. Adjacencies were sought that would bring together prospective and existing members of the college community, with special attention to creating student service and operational efficiencies.

The spaces include a large entry hall, lounge, bookable meeting rooms, and a number of student service desks and offices. The project takes advantage of a unique wooded landscape that forms the backdrop for light-filled flexible spaces. The addition and renovation inject vibrant colours and extend an authentic message of welcome.

Location:  Kitchener, Ontario
Completion:  2014
Project Size:  2,000 m2
Cost:  $2,500,000